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If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

– Nikola Tesla

Biofield Tuning

We are limited on the level of the conscious mind, in our ability to clear traumas and blockages but the body 'keeps the score' and if not allowed the proper opportunity to heal, it stores the experience or event somewhere in the body - first showing as dis-ease, that unattended could turn in disease.


Biofield Tuning clears these conscious or unconscious perturbations and offers healing on a cellular level. These cells in our body, composed of water and ions, respond to the vibration and frequency of tuning forks which act as micro-currents to promote healing and homeostasis in the cells.


Like an instrument, the body benefits from being 'tuned' to coherent frequencies leading to the dissolution of long standing imbalances, traumas and simple or complex physical/mental/emotional manifestations in your body - resulting in a more vibrant and harmonious you!

What does a Tuning session look like?

Similar to a massage environment, you’ll be lying comfortably on a table but fully dressed.  A few styles of tuning forks are used on and off of the body, reflecting back to your nervous system and electromagnetic field areas of old patterning, trauma or discord, and assisting the body to resolve these areas by offering a correcting input or frequency. The 'conversation' is mostly between the tuning forks and the body, a bottom-up style of therapy that allows the releasing of even unconscious nervous system holdings.


Through a blend of studies, such as Bioenergetics, Psycho-anatomy, the eastern studies of Chakras and Meridians, Biofield Anatomy and Biofield Tuning, Jeannine offers insight to the root causes of discomfort and a deeper understanding of dis-ease in your body and life. Each session will help release these (conscious or unconscious) areas of imbalance that drain your current life force - to offer you optimal energy, harmony and vibrancy!


This work has a cumulative effect and it is recommended to receive a minimum of (3) initial sessions with-in a 8 week time period, followed by ‘tune-ups’ as needed. This modality can be experienced local or distal. This work has not been studied on person who are pregnant, have cancer, epilepsy or pacemakers and thus these are currently considered a contraindication for Biofield Tuning.   

Please feel free to inquire about other types of Biofield Tuning offerings...

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See what our clients say:

"I have been working with Jeannine for a few months now. She is very gentle and intuitive and has been instrumental in helping me with my healing. Each session reveals more and more and offers me an opportunity to process and integrate emotions and past experiences. I trust her completely with helping me navigate this work that can be difficult and confronting. I feel so fortunate to have found her."


— Pam M. 

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