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The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body.

– BKS Iyengar

Auricular Therapy & Yoga Instruction

Attune Wellness Center is a place for you to reconnect with yourself. This humble sized studio lends to a semi-private setting which allows individual instruction, even in a group setting. Within each mindful and elevating session - you are offered the space to be present and connect with your intrinsic health. Experience an inviting and intuitive style of guidance focused on alignment, connection with breath and tapping into the well springs inside of yourself.

~ services held at Attune Wellness or any location with prior arrangement ~

Auricular Therapy:

Auricular Therapy ~ The ear is considered a microcosm of the whole body. Auricular therapy is acupuncture of the ear using gentle placement of needles or beads in a specific 5 point protocol that align with certain points of the body. With this protocol one can experience improved sleep, ease of stress, deep relaxation, relief from cravings and more. 

Yoga descriptions:

Yoga Nidra ~ Experience deep rest and rejuvenation. Yoga Nidra is practiced lying down and following a specific sequence of guided meditations that takes you into a alpha brain wave state that reduces stress levels and produces serotonin for a healthier state of being. This practice is very helpful for burnout, fatigue, stress and PTSD. Pair this with Auricular Therapy to promote deep healing. 


Yin Yoga ~ Take a journey inward. Yin is a grounding and contemplative style of yoga. A floor based practice, often using props, that works deeply into our bodies with longer held poses of 3-6 minutes. It targets ligaments, joints, bones and the deep fascial networks of the body to release tension. 

Restorative Yoga ~ Let your stress melt away. An even gentler, more passive practice, with even more props than Yin. Poses are propped and held for 8 -12 minutes each encouraging deep relaxation, a wonderful practice to calm your nervous system and release a busy day.

Chair Yoga ~ Chair Yoga, is well, yoga in a chair! Standing postures or getting on the floor is not accessible for everyone. Chair yoga provides an opportunity for anyone to access beneficial postures and a more open body.

Slow Flow and Alignment ~ Find balance and breath. Create optimal alignment as you flow through asanas (or poses) at a slow and mindful pace. A little more time to linger in poses helps you ground, build strength, create flexibility, and elevates your spirit.

See what our clients say:

"I had the pleasure of taking an eight-week Yin course with Jeannine. I was excited to reconnect with my body and soul. Through Jeannine's course, I learned how to breathe better and explore my body. Jeannine is very knowledgeable in her practice with the history and origin of Yin. I found her calm strength and demeanor inviting and her direction into each pose was easy to follow. I would highly recommend taking any class Jeannine offers."


— Josie T.

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